Being a student in college we have to be able to be social towards others because what you might not know someone else might. Collaboration is being able to work together and come up with something as one that is great. Feedback, opinions, concerns all go hand in hand with collaboration. The whole semester was based on collaborating with others and sharing what was created. Working in groups is always hard to do because you never know if everyone is going to do their part or if your part is even correct. In collaboration I have included the PowerPoint and jeopardy game my group and I created as evidence; also the names of the blogs I commented on as well as my own blogs to each movie.  My group was effective we met and worked together as a team, I enjoyed working in groups minus the talking in front of the class. I tried to avoid talking as much as I could.
Most work done during class was group led discussions; students would create jeopardy, make a PowerPoint, or charades. Every class was something different, but made the class work together to answer questions; it made us have to read to understand what was going on. When it came to answering question and participating I did and did not participate. I did the charades because you really could not get out of it, for the jeopardy and questions I would just help my peers answer so I would not have to talk out loud. For all the assignments I did everything that was assigned.
In our groups everyone became friends, I could see throughout the classroom the people who were in groups always sat together. My group definitely became friends, we worked well as a group we always had different ideas but knew how to compromise. I would make the PowerPoint and the others would come up with their own questions. The proof will be in a link under this Cover letter. Along with the PowerPoint you will see my comments on my fellow peer’s blogs about The Wizard of Oz movie, Capote the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Collaboration letters. Blogging was different from anything we had done in class before after awhile it became easy. What we had to was watch a movie and write what happened in it and how did it relate to a book we read. I will include my responses. Peer responses on essays were fun to because it allowed other people to give me feedback that would help my essay. I was able to read essays and get ideas of what I could add to mine without coping. I enjoyed all the types of collaborating my favorite was the group led discussions on The Wizard of Oz and Wicked. Not knowing what kind of presentation we were going to get or what was going to relate or not relate to the book and how everyone is going to respond in their own blog and others.

Blog Comments:

Capote comments: alywolff , Jennifer Le, amonge1 .

Breakfast at Tiffany’s comments: rockergirl99 , missoyuna , kuethao.

The Wizard of Oz: denisecasmissoyunarockergirl99 .

Collaboration , rockergirl99 ,andreawoorecho.

Process Comments: rockergirl99 , olgaesther01, denisecas.

Inception: goingindepth, andreawoorecho, kuethao


Summaries of the films


In Cold Blood GLD

Revolt of the Cockroach People GLD


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