Word choices vary depending on how we want to sound towards and appeal to our audience. I have a large vocabulary bank that I use from time to time. Throughout this semester I have learned a few words based on the novels we read for class. Some of the words came from different ethnicities and different time periods. Words from researching help me expand my language capabilities. In Craft I have included each of the four final draft essay’s I have written. In each essay I have use a different kind type of vocabulary.  Each essay was formal and school appropriate but have varies kinds of words.

New method that helped me was the Paramedic method. We would find long confusing sentences and try to shorten it or maybe reorder the words. Based on the paramedic method I was able to take out unnecessary words without losing the main point. This method was very unusual at first many of us did not think it would work but it did. It strengthened my essay and helped me get straight to the point. My grammar was refreshed because you have to know what is what to eliminate words. Since writing is my weakness but has became less of a hassle from doing so many different types of essays about different topics of our choice. After making so many drafts to get to the final I realized that no one essay is perfect, you can always find a mistake in any finished written work. With every draft you get one step closer to perfection. The fourth and final essay was my favorite because I got to write about a topic that was meaningful to me. It required some research but it was special to me enough that it was not a problem. The hardest essay to write was the second one because I could not figure out what to write about and have to change my research.


Essay #1:

In Cold Blood Final Draft

Essay #2:

Essay 2

Essay #3:

Essay 3

Essay #4

Essay 4


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