In ethics I have included one PDF file of the four works cited pages to each of my essay’s. Essay 2 required us to write about a historical framework and relate it to something in a book we read. The framework had to be from the same time period and have outside source. Doing research is hard to me because I never know if the websites I am using are academic. What I have learned is that most academic websites have org or edu in the website. I used the library website because they have different sites and links with several kinds of information. For the readings in class I would look up the back ground of the book to get the gist what I was about to read. I used Google and Yahoo I always found that Google gave more information; after going to the library workshop i learned you can find even more information that is accurate. Essay 4 has research from random sites because I wanted other people’s thoughts on the song I am writing about. My peers would offer me good ideas to about where to look and what to add to my essay.

Difficulties I overcame were finding scholarly site to write about. I learned that not everything you read on the internet is accurate unless you see it on other sites. I am so glad that they websites that cite source if not I would fail having to site myself. To prevent myself from plagiarism I make sure I site something. I learned to reword sentences or ideas because it still is plagiarism. I did not use that may sources for each essay. The easiest part of having a source is using a book you can never go wrong using quotes or ideas from a novel as long as you site it.


Work Citeds


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