This introduction will be about everything I have done this semester. What are included in my word press, are different pieces of my writing to show how I have grown from the beginning to the end of the semester. For the process section I have included all of the rough drafts for my essays. In the rhetoric section there is a translation between the novel In Cold Blood and the film Capote, my ideal writing place, class journals, and reading responses. The section collaboration includes the names of the people’s blogs I commented on and the blogs I have wrote for the films we watched. Ethics tab has the four works cited for the four essay’s I have written. In the craft section there are all the final drafts to essay 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each of the section I have included a cover note to give a brief description of the section.
The journey throughout this semester has been interesting. I have started to read at faster pace without getting confused. I understand the readings more and more. Figuring out questions and activities to get the class involved during the group led discussion got easier after the first time. I am a stronger writer, such that I can express myself and make sense. Expressing words about what I read or to tell a story always got out of control before taking writing classes. I would get easily distracted in my writing and go off on a whole new tangent.  Speaking in front of class has gotten a little easier but not so much; I still get nervous about saying something wrong, get in trouble or laughed at. Challenges I have faced are being able to make my essays cohesive towards others and present in front of class. Going to detail with what I am talking about the main idea of the story, I tend to be vague when talking in an essay. For my second essay when we had to do an analytical writing about something we read and find something outside that related to our essay. My breakthroughs were being able to write about any type of essay and embed the right quotes.
What I learned about myself is that I was a major procrastinator in the beginning. I quickly changed so I would not have to rush to finish my work and get low grades. New skills I gained are I can analyze written work, I can understand others writings. I can come up with topics and ideas faster to write about quicker. Express what I am thinking to others with confidence is what I will take with me to the future. I will try to be more involved in group discussions. The grade I believe I deserve is a B-. Based in the grades I have received on my last essay’s I think that is a fair grade, and I have done all my work to the best of my abilities. I worked through my issue of talking in front of class.  From the syllabus i was able to “Integrate peer and faculty feedback throughout the planning and drafting process” making my essay’s stronger.


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