My process section of word press includes all my rough drafts to my essays. This section is to show how I first started when brainstorming to write an essay. Most the first drafts are basic outlines to what I was thinking. The second drafts include more detail and the third draft is when I am nearing the finish product with evidence. When viewing my drafts you will be able to see how I may writings started to become stronger. Thanks to peer editing I was able to strengthen my essays with the feedback I received. I enjoyed editing others work because I was able to may get some ideas on how to approach an idea. Also, getting advice from a different perspective allowed me to understand what others would get from my writing. With all the feedback I was able to write good essays. What I took into consideration was the paramedic method at first I did not believe it would work, and then it did and created strong sentences.
Each essay was about something different which allowed us to see what our weakness in every topic was. I was able to figure out that I have a hard time placing quotes where they should be to prove my point, but after writing the first couple drafts and essays it became easy. The easiest essay to create was the first one because the topic came to me instantly while the second one was challenging I changed my thoughts over and over. Group led discussions always help me get ideas of what to include in my essay and what quotes to use.
For the first essay, I made several mistakes I put my thesis in the wrong spot and had a lot of run on sentences. The second essay was I had got the outline correct just I struggled with detail and consistency. The third essay I enjoyed because I was able to compare and contrast two books. Finally the last essay it my favorite because I am allowed to basically write about anything as long as it is appropriate. So many ideas came to mind but I decided to analyze a song and tell how it relates to me. Each prompt to an essay explained what was expected. I read the prompt at least three times before posting a final draft: once before writing, second time while writing and, after rereading my essay.
The amount of effort it took to write each essay shows in the drafts and the final drafts. Along with my rough drafts is my diagnostic essay, which I did not do so well on. With the diagnostic essay I included a revised version. The diagnostic was to see how well we are as writer timed. I get nervous when being timed to do something and then lose my train of thought. I can see how much my writing has improved from the writing to the now and I hope everyone else can as well.


Diagnostic page 1Diagnostic page 2Pre-Diagnostic

In Cold Blood Draft 1 In Cold Blood Draft 3In Cold Blood Draft 2

Essay #2 rough draft

Essay 3 Rough Draft

Essay 4 Rough Draft,Essay 4 rough Draft


4 comments on “Process

  1. Hi Melinda,

    Good work so far in this semester:

    • I am able to see your wordpress page and it looks good
    • I am able to see your in-class diagnostic and your revised diagnostic
    • I have read your revised diagnostic and find it to be, on the AWPE 1 through 6 scale:
    o A 3 paper is unsatisfactory in one or more of the following ways. It may respond to the text illogically; it may lack coherent structure or elaboration with examples; it may reflect an incomplete understanding of the text or the topic. Its prose is usually characterized by at least one of the following: frequently imprecise word choice; little sentence variety; occasional major errors in grammar and usage, or frequent minor errors
    • Do note that all wordpress pages are public unless you make it private. If you choose to make it private, do make sure that I am still able to access it

    If you would like further comments please do find me during office hours.

    I have uploaded the prompt for essay one. We will discuss it, and start work on it, in class this week. The prompt is at both and The page is where I will archive all uploaded documents for this class, including the AWPE scoring guide which I used in assessing your diagnostic. The page will focus on the most current-use documents, including a weekly lesson plan including homework.

    I suggest you to read the entirety of In Cold Blood before we are scheduled to complete it in class. This suggestion is so that you can start writing into your essay with enough time to go through several edits on the completed paper.

    I look forward to working with you through this semester.



  2. Essay 1: In Cold Blood: Perspective and primary source material

    Before I give you feedback I will give you a chance to re-submit your work. Please load your final essay in pdf format.

    You have three drafts in the process section of your portfolio.

    In your collaboration section you also noted the students on whose work you blogged. Good work.
    Please do come to see me in office hours if you would like additional feedback.



  3. Response to essay two:

    As stated on page five of your syllabus: “grades will be handed back within two weeks of any assignment’s hand-in date. There will be three written evaluations that will examine your progress through the semester.” The first in-depth written evaluation included comments on your webpage creation and assessment. The second included detailed feedback on essay one, as well as other pertinent class participation. Your next detailed written evaluation will include comments your next essay.

    In class we went over all elements this essay required carefully, engaging in workshops and peer editing around each point mentioned in the rubric. Your grade for this essay is B. If you would like more specific comments, please do come by office hours. Making an appointment will ensure that there is time set aside for you on the day you would like to come in.



  4. As I haven’t heard from you in your consultation period today I want to suggest a couple things for your portfolio. The first is that you correct the menu tabs so that they are in the right order.

    Also, make sure that you introduce your evidence in your portfolio cover pages, for example: In (insert page you are writing about) I include (list evidence), (list evidence), and (list evidence) as evidence. These items highlight (characteristic, idea)—from April 11 2012. ) This practice helps to direct the reader. It let’s the reader know what to expect to find, and why you want it there. By doing this it sets that reader into the framework you choose, grounds them, and gives them focus.

    Basically the reason for this mini-consultation is to answer any
    questions that you might have. I don’t want any student questions to
    slip through the cracks. If you have any questions that I might help you with, as you complete your essay 4 and portfolio, do email me anytime today or tomorrow.

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