This semester in writing 10 I have been acquired new skills. I have improved my writing skills significantly. Before I used to write c average papers and now I am at a B + with my writing. The different methods we went over in this class have stuck in my head to help my sentence structure. My reading has improved since the beginning. I have been able to keep up with all the reading and understand what is going on. Sometimes I still get lost in what I am reading and get confused. The main ideas is easy to identify in the first book we read and then I was between two ideas for the last two novels. I have been able to pace my reading so that I do not take as long as I used to read. When I do the reading response I summarize what I have read but sometimes I feel that I am just repeating what I just read. Rereading my work I have realized how to simply paraphrase what I read.
Group Led Discussions have be fun to listen because it let me understand more what I had read the previous night. I compared my thoughts with the leaders of the group presenting to see if I missed something when reading. Sharing the ideas that are in my head to paper and everyone in the class has become easier. Some things that I think in my head do not always come out of my mouth or hand the same way. Now that I am improving others can relate to my thoughts. Comparing and contrasting has been a strength of mine, so when we had to compare a novel and movie I knew exactly what to say and how to explain it. The presentation I did with my group was challenging when we first thought about what to do, then it became simple because we knew what we had to do.


Translation between Truman

Ideal Writing Environment


Reading Responses


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